Payment Options

We use 3 main payment options: Stripe, PayPal, and Cryptocurrency

PayPal and Stripe

Since your security is paramount, we have a very safe payment policy. As we use Stripe and PayPal, you can count on the safety of these platforms to always have your back. In other words, if you buy anything from a store that uses PayPal or Stripe, and you for example – don’t receive your item or receive a faulty item – you can always get your money back.

For PayPal, you can open a dispute directly on the platform. For Stripe, you can call your credit card provider and they’ll dispute the payment for you.

In case of any problems, PayPal and Stripe have a very thorough dispute and chargeback system which always has your back. If anything happens with your order, you can always receive your money back with them. This is why we use them, as they protect both our clients as well as ourselves.

We now also offer Cryptocurrency payments

We use an automated system that detects if you’ve sent us the amount of your invoice in full, after which we confirm your order. Here are those we currently accept:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • ChainLink (LINK)
  • TetherUS (USDT)
  • Monero (XMR)

We have a couple of policies for our payment by cryptocurrency:

  1. You have to cover the Withdrawal fee on your end. Transferring currencies from your wallet to ours will always cost you a withdrawal fee. In order for us to process your order, you have to send us the exact amount we write at checkout. This means that you have to cover the transaction fee on your end.
    • For example, sending ETH from a Binance wallet always has a 0.005ETH transaction fee. If your order costs 0.05ETH, you have to input 0.055ETH for us to receive exactly 0.005ETH. If you send just 0.05ETH, we will only receive 0.045ETH, which is lower than your order amount.
  2. We accept refunds as well, and we can always send you back your currency. However, we cannot refund you in Cryptocurrency. For all our refunds, we can send you back USD or CAD Fiat through PayPal. This way, we keep your order amount stable and avoid the fluctuating value of CryptoCurrency – both to protect you and ourselves.
    • In order to receive your refund, all our normal return policies apply. We always communicate by email and arrange for a refund together. Your satisfaction is our only priority, and we’re always here to help all along the process.
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